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Buster - he of his Patch

Buster's Stories

Buster has several stories, most of them are short (see below) but now he has decided to do a full length one - wow - called Toots!

  • Toots is a remarkable animal with abilities far beyond those expected from a 'down and out' cat.
  • Buster is still actually writing about his chum Toots, as he needs to get all the facts in the place at the right time - you will understand when you read the story. It will be along soonish.
  • From surprisingly ordinary and logical events in and around Buster's Patch, unbelievable mayhem ensues that ultimately leaves more questions than answers.

Please Note:

As Buster is still writing the Toots story several things are being put in place leading up to the launch. Buster is thinking of having a regular newsletter and a full socail media presence - all coming in due course.

Short Stories

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The background to Buster and how he became to be on his own, and the start of his adventures.

Mrs Kingsley

This was the very first Buster story that has had
many endings, mainly by school children both
in the UK and France.

A Good Day

This really happened to Buster and it took him days to get over the shock of ‘extras’ on his Patch - despite secretly essentially liking kittens!

Buster's Bushes

Fortunately the bushes are rather quick growing jobs and after a few months into the summer, Buster had his forward observation post back.

Buster's Bench

An example of the day-to-day anxieties that
must be endured when running a Patch.


A superb example of Buster seeing a
tragedy and then finding a benefit in it.

Buster's Thought

Buster is always thinking of ways to get the
most out of his Patch. He has also given
a word search based on theis story.


New Year Resolutions that are very,
very specific to Buster!


Buster gets some strange but enjoyable
feelings - it must be love.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Buster real?

    Very much so. Indeed much of what is in the stories actually happened. Buster is in charge, mainly on account of being nearly a meter long when stretched out and came in on the scales at 8kg! He is a big softy underneath though.

  • Nobody (or cat) really knows, and being a cat cannot speak English - just Purrse - so cannot actually tell us humans. Nevertheless a cat who can transmit amd send via WiFi by just thinking is a pretty handy sort of chap to have around.

  • We don’t actually know. On the few very rare occasions when Binky is seen she slinks across the front garden very quickly and hides under a car for a while and then runs back inside. Buster rarely actually sees Binky any more. Besides he has more than enough to do in managing his ‘Patch’.

  • William has grown up into a most sensible cat. This is not surprising given the stature of his mentor – Buster.

  • Munchkin’s family have moved away and have not been seen for a good while now.

  • Alas, the local council recently came along and in a fit of tidying up removed all the bushes leaving just bare ground. All that is left now are some rather attractive bluebells in springtime, but totally useless to Buster for hiding.

Contact Buster and Toots

You will appreciate that Buster is a rather busy chap looking after his Patch so may not return your enquiries reaaly fast. Also, there is a translation issue of Purrse into English!